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WWE Fastlane 2019 Betting Odds, Tips & Picks: Bryan vs OwensPCMAX

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Quick Tips
Bet Daniel Owen over Kevin Owens in -455 with 888Sport.
Bet victory by pin fall at -215 with 888Sport with 888Sport.
Bet Asuka over Mandy Rose in -670 with Betfair.
In an unexpected turn of events, Vince McMahon yanked Kofi Kingston from his Fastlane WWE championship match against Daniel Bryan. The Chairman rather announced on SmackDown Live the returning Kevin Owens would take the coveted slot on March 10.
This comes after weeks of building up the New Day manhood as a viable challenger to the Planet’s champion. Owens was sidelined with injury, teasing a impending return through a string cellphone videos in the home or around town alongside family. Interestingly , McMahon picked Owens, who at once headbutted and caused him to bleed. Only in WWE really.
For WWE fans, bookmakers have established Bryan as a -455 favored and Owens as a +275 underdog.
WWE Fastlane 2019 Betting Tips
This matchup begs the question where the business plans to proceed with the Owens and Bryan scenario. The situation can be likened to if McMahon took Becky Lynch from her Raw women’s championship match against Ronda Rousey in WrestleMania.
Despite getting the chance by winning the Royal Rumble, her behaviour directed McMahon to punish”The Man.” Owens and Kingston were successful in a tag match on SmackDown Live versus Erick Rowan and Bryan. But don’t expect the goodwill to last as New Day has voiced their displeasure to get McMahon’s choice across social networking.
Owens has pretty much always leaned toward villainy, but it appears with the recent turn of events he might lean in another direction. Even though many fans are frustrated, Owens could easily get the fans to cheer him on given their esteem for him as well as his accolades.
Then being thrusted into the man event scene by Mr. McMahon right off the bat will not do him any Even with all the new competitor, it is difficult to believe Bryan will not enter WrestleMania that the WWE champion. Then there are other questions regarding the outside forces that could affect the name showdown. Rowan was routinely by Bryan’s side, so perhaps we would see the former Wyatt member making their presence felt.
Additionally, there are other factors that could play a role in a conclusion. The energy of the live audience can be a variable with two inactive superstars allegedly close to recovery. Among them is Kevin Owens’ best friend Sami Zayn and even Bray Wyatt, who’s no stranger to teasing fans.
This begs questions on possible outside disturbance. Will Sami Zayn, who is presently on the brink of emerging from the injured reserve list, or even major E and Xavier Woods attempt to influence the end of the WWE title game. ?

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