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Under 2 min. PI reviews subject to ‘stricter criteria’PCMAX

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The NFL confirmed that a replay official will commence replay reviews of pass interference and throughout overtime.
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Since the Judy Battista of NFL Network reported Wednesday, the Competition Committee decided against forcing coaches to challenge pass interference plays inside the warning.
The decision was declared by the NFL’s Football Operations department after discussion with team personnel head coaches and officials. Teams will have a week to offer feedback before the last rule is communicated by the Competition Committee.
Within the announcement, the league said the replay official will stop the game to initiate an overview for PI”under stricter standards” compared to other reviewable plays. The expectation is that the”stricter standards” will lessen the amount of reviews over the past two minutes of the halves, as pace of play is an issue given that each and every pass play could conceivably be reviewable.
“A decision about the area is only going to be reversed when there is’clear and obvious visual proof’ that warrants the change,” the announcement added.
The final rule determined that”Hail Mary” plays will be subject to pass hindrance review but will be evaluated in replay”consistent with all the instructions for officiating the drama on the field.” The language of this”Hail Mary” rule indicates the replay official will defer to the on-field refs for almost all end of game calls.

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