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Betting on MMA fights has become a huge industry that extends across the entire world. Top MMA promotions including the UFC have a massive market in countries all over the world.
Online bookmakers make it possible for players to place wagers on MMA fights readily, but before you start gambling on MMA, you need to learn different types of MMA bets. Everyone understands that they can bet on who they believe is going to win a fight, but there are many other ways to wager on MMA, which we will explain below.
Moneyline Bet / Match Bet
Fighter A -300 vs. Fighter B +200
A moneyline bet or game wager is when you select one fighter to win a fight by whatever means necessary. It doesn’t matter how the fighter wins the fight so long as they wind up winning.
This really is the most popular bet in MMA, as everyone has a forecast as to who must win each the big MMA fights. Be sure to read over our MMA chances guide if you don’t understand how to read the odds listed in our moneyline bet example above.
Parlay Bet / / Accumulator Bet / Multiplier Bet
Depending on where you live a parlay, accumulator or multiplier is a bet with numerous sections. For the sake of this guide, I will refer to this bet for a parlay.
For instance, if you believe three fighters will win you could bet on each of three using a parlay bet to increase the payout odds. The only way you’ll win the parlay is if you end up winning all the selections you make on the bet.
Even if just one of the battle’s lost the parlay will be a loser, and you won’t acquire anything. Parlays are great when betting on a few favorites since the chances are increased but so is your risk.
Open Parlay
An open parlay is if you opt to make a bet, and you also use the choice to leave spots open. You do not need to pick them right away but the amount of spots you leave open need to be filled before the bet is complete.
These are enjoyable if you would like to wager on many fights or occasions, but you’re not sure on your choices yet. 5 Dimes offer this choice, and you may have around 25 open spots.
Over/Under Bet
Fighter A vs. Fighter B — Over 2.5 Round -115 / Under 2.5 Rounds +105
Among the simplest ways to bet on an MMA fight is by gambling the over/under. In an over/under bet the bookie will place a round complete, and you need to bet on whether the fight will last longer or shorter than the round complete.
Over under chances are posted to the bookies desecration. But they are standard across the board.
Below are a few examples of the Over Under listings.
Over Under 1.5 Rounds — Normally found when two aggressive fighters fight.
To win the over bet, the bout must pass 2.5mins of the next round.
To acquire the beneath the fight needs to end before 2.5mins of around two.
Over Under 2.5 Rounds — This is what you will see offered the most.

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