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The 2018 Winter Olympics

The Olympic Games are divided into two contests — the Summer Olympics as well as both the Winter Olympics. Both occur every four decades. The Winter Olympics is the smaller of the 2 contests, but it includes several distinct events and sports.
Somewhat of course, the Winter Olympics are. They featured skiing in various forms, together with figure skating, speed skating and curling.
In the past several decades sports are added to the program. These include some other kinds of skiing and skating, snowboarding, and skeleton (a kind of sledding).
The introduction of sports has helped to widen the appeal of the Winter Olympics. They were traditionally of interest primarily in North America and Europe, because the majority of the competing athletes came from such regions.
Throughout the last couple of decades, however, athletes in countries like South Korea and Australia have competed successfully in occasions. It has led to audiences across the world.
Every single Winter Olympics is held in a different host city. So far, they have been held in eleven states spread across the three continents. The United States has been home to the contest more times than any other nation (4), most recently back in 2002.
The prior Winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia, in 2014. The next would be to be held in February of this year, in PyeongChang County, South Korea. This is the first Winter Olympics of South Korea, though they also hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988.

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