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Rocket League Summit 1 Odds & Preview: Cloud9 Listed as FavoritePCMAX

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*Opportunities Accepted 09/08/19

Rocket League currently has plenty of teams that are incredible, and Cloud9 is among them. But its a little perplexing to see them listed as the favorites to win, even though the margin is. The event they won was DreamHack Dallas in the beginning of June, but since then weve noticed them fall short on a few occasions. In the RLCS Season 7 Finalsthey were clean swept 4-0 from the semifinals by Renault Vitality.
Following that, PSG Esports ousted in DreamHack Valencias quarterfinals them. Cloud9 has proven to be among the American teams and they definitely have a chance of winning 1 to Rocket League Summit. But with them recorded because the favorites, so you can find better value elsewhere.
One of these teams is none other than fellow North American group, NRG Esports. Following Dreamhack Valencia, Fireburner retired after nearly four decades of playing for NRG. He is a guy but their vacancy filled from Europe with a celebrity. They signed up the three-time World Champion in Turbopolsa, that was a part of the dominant Dignitas of 2018.
This is going to be the event that we will see NRG using Turbopolsa about the roster. Together with JSTN and GarrettG, theres absolutely not any lack of goal scoring ability and talent. In fact, theres probably no roster as gifted as this one. If the stars all can get along then it might be a very impressive introduction for the brand new look NRG.
The Bricks are a case that is really interesting. Moving back into RLCS The Bricks disappointed, Season 7 Europe. They to get RLCS Season 8. This team seemed to be a team in Europe who had to bite and claw their way back in the RLCS. Subsequently Dreamhack Valencia wrapped around. By racking up wins the Bricks created it all the way to the semifinals.
Their run revealed a great deal of improvement, although Theyd wind up losing to the eventual winners of the championship in PSG Esports. The Bricks also beat on top four team Triple Trouble . They might have the ability to take advantage of teams sorting via their own roster swaps, although they still underdogs that are huge.
Picks: NRG (+350)
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