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When betting on the NHL, it can sometimes be difficult to find value in a team that is either heavily preferred or is a major underdog on the moneyline. Luckily for us, most sportsbooks provide us a puckline, that’s precisely the same thought for a point spread in sport such as soccer and basketball. The difference, of course, is that dents in hockey are much lower and the spread is almost always set at 1.5. This means that in order to cash a spread wager, a favorite must win by two or an underdog must not lose by more than one.
Each week I will update every group’s puckline documents and gains as we progress throughout the 2016-17 season. Below is an analysis of some of the very best puckline tendencies in the NHL along with a table containing every team’s puckline record.
Here’s 1 team to target and one group to evaporate during the last week of regular-season playwith. Team to TargetToronto Maple Leafs: although not the most profitable puckline team in the league, the Maple Leafs have one of the very best spread recordings in the league with 43 puckline successes. They have five matches to play this week and they’ll have to win almost every one to guarantee a spot in the playoffs.
The matches on their docket look tough on the surface since they’ll see the Capitals, Lightning, Penguins and Blue Jackets but with all but one of these teams clinching a postseason berth, the Leafs will likely face a reasonable share of copy goaltending down the stretch.
Furthermore, you’re going to be getting more than enough value in these games when the Leafs are deemed the favorite because the people will still bet on the big-market teams that have won all year.
Team to FadePittsburgh Penguins: It’s been well over a week since the Penguins earned a puckline triumph and I am expecting they finish the regular season without another one. They will be enjoying some distressed teams and they’re a banged-up squad.
At this point, it is unlikely they capture the Caps and their matchup with the Blue Jackets is all but locked in. They’d probably like to finish in second and get home-ice benefit for the first round but with Kris Letang still on the shelf, that might not be a chance.
Note: This article was published on Monday, April 3, and will be updated each week during the regular season.

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