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Two top 5 defenses in the country square away this week in what should be a knockdown drag out fight, or will it? Than I am on the other, personally, I am a great deal higher on one of these teams. The Penn State Nittany Lions have amazed me this year. The level of competition hasnt been the biggest, but we can only judge teams on who they play. The teams they have played have been dominated. Penn State has the 5th best defense in the nation allowing under 9 points each game this season. The Penn State defense has been a menace for quarterbacks. So far so that they are sure to be present and lead the country in sacks that are total the largest challenge this year for Iowa quarterback Nate Stanley.
Penn State has outplayed expectations week in and week out. As a preferred of below a touchdown against Maryland , they are beaten by them by 60. What was around for Penn State? The best defense they have played this year was that Sean Clifford was not able to find anything moving, just scoring 17 points and in Pittsburgh. They were fortunate to escape that match using a 1 touchdown win. One thing we know for sure is the Iowa defense can pose a larger challenge. The defense closed down the Wolverines although the Iowa crime couldnt do anything against Michigan. They kept Shea Patterson through the air with no touchdowns and one interception into 147 yards. Iowas defense appears to be just as prominent as Penn State, so where is the gap in this match? Its the offense as a whole.
Iowa quarterback hasnt seemed as good this season. The question becomes, why? Is there a talent level disparity? Well if there is one, its little. The difference was at the line. Penn State has kept Sean Clifford upright this season, Iowa has not. If you cant keep your quarterback you cant win a match in college soccer. Last weekend from Michigan was abysmal. Nathan Stanley was sacked 8 times. It isnt going to be any simpler for Iowa this weekend. Is the game on the Street? Yes, its and it is not intelligent to spend the road team but everything I have seen this season informs me that Penn State is the group that is better. That is why Im going to hold my nose and put it!
Select: Penn State -3 (-108) at Pinnacle
Full Game Preview: Penn State vs. Iowa
Saturday, October 12, 2019 – 08:00 PM EDT
When Florida journeys to take on Louisiana State, the ideal game 7 for the money will happen Saturday night under the lights. It and its guaranteed to be entertaining. Last weekend Florida took a big step if they beat Auburn 24-13 at home. Enjoy this week the buzz swirled around Auburn freshman quarterback Bo Nix. The buzz was answered by florida with a dominant operation permitting Nix only 145 yards through the air. Along with the bad yardage of Nix that he threw for 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions.
Florida will develop into Saturdays game with a quick and stout defense, however it is the crime that nonetheless has a ton of questions. Coming into the year quarterback Feleipe Franks was the rookie for Florida. That was before he went down with the injury against Kentucky. From this time on, the Kyle Trask age started in Florida. In a small sample size hes been remarkable, although trask has concerns he wants to respond. When he intends on keeping up with all the high-powered LSU crime this 21, he will need to be this week.
When there was this season in college football that not many people knew about it is Joe Burrow. What a difference a season makes. Joe Burrow has shot up the Heisman standings and deservedly so. He is currently leading an offensive juggernaut in Louisiana State. LSU is now 2nd in the country in passing yards in passing yards per game. Look no farther than the chances on this game to see what the marketplace thinks of this matchup. You would think the chances would have been between two teams, one of those who simply got finished beating a hyped Auburn team, however they have not.
The marketplace has held the lineup . I felt that Florida had been the side that was perfect last week from Auburn. I used tont expect a professional Bo Nix find the job done and to go into Florida, and while Trask is not a freshman, hes never played in a feeling that he will face in Death Valley. Ordinarily, I dont put some this large within an SEC convention game unless its Alabama but I truly think this LSU staff is in the running for a national tournament this season so in terms of the NCAAF choice, Im laying this week. It has been a article this week but I feel great with where were at this week.
Select: LSU -13 (-113) at Bookmaker
Total Game Preview: Florida vs. LSU

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