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Florida is home to numerous betting options both on the internet and in the real world. Legal online gambling in Florida currently includes horse racing betting, greyhound betting and daily fantasy sports. In the physical world, Florida has horse racing gambling, bingo, conventional casinos and jai alai betting.
Sports gambling in Florida does not appear likely at this time. The country has long been eyed as a major potential market for sport betting, but modifications to state authorities have made any upcoming gambling expansions more difficult as they currently take a statewide referendum initiated by request.
Legal Online Betting Options
Let us begin with a quick collection of authorized Florida gaming websites and then dig into every detail below.
Sports Gaming:
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Fantasy Sports:
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Horse and Greyhound Betting:
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Horse and Greyhound Racing
Online horse racing and greyhound betting have been legal in Florida for years and a variety of major racing sites accept customers from the Sunshine State. BetAmerica, TwinSpires and TVG all accept Florida customers and are licensed directly here in america.
BetAmerica Review
TwinSpires Review
TVG Review
In November 2018, Florida voters approved Amendment 13 to end greyhound racing. The amendment made greyhound racing and betting on live greyhound races held in Florida illegal starting on January 1st, 2021.
Present racetracks will still be allowed to offer poker and other games following the change takes effect, but they’ll no longer be in a position to sponsor live greyhound races. This amendment has no effect on online greyhound racing, which will remain legal because the change only seeks to prevent wagers put on races held in the country.
Fantasy Sports
The legal situation for fantasy sports in Florida is complicated and uncertain, but most daily dream sites have served the state for decades with no hindrance from local officials.
A number of attempts to officially legalize fantasy sports in Florida have collapsed over the decades due to disputes over how the activity should be categorized and the intricacy of tribal gambling contracts between the state and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.
A 1991 Attorney General opinion lumped season-long dream sports in with gambling and opined that it is most likely illegal under state law, but the opinion is outdated and does not hold legal burden. Just as lawmakers want to clarify the legal status of fantasy sports, progress has been slow. In the meantime, Florida residents are accepted in both FanDuel and DraftKings:
FanDuel Review
DraftKings Review
Skill Games
Florida gaming law allows games of skill only if entry fees do not directly contribute to the prize pool. This signifies is that it’s legal to pay an entry fee and compete for a fixed prize, but to not play in a competition where all the entry fees are accumulated to form the decoration pool .
For example, it could be legal to sponsor a paid-entry golf tournament if the organizers place fixed prizes that don’t change no matter the number of people enter the tournament. The exact same tournament could cross the line into illegal land if prizes were determined by pooling entrance charges and paying the winners a proportion of the prize pool.
A 1990 comment from the Attorney General summed it up as follows:
“Thus, I am of the view that a contest of skill, like a hole-in-one golf contest, in which the contestant pays an entrance fee, which does not constitute the decoration, for the opportunity to win a valuable prize by the practice of skill, doesn’t violate the gaming laws of the state. To the extent that previous opinions of the office may be inconsistent with the conclusion reached herein, they are hereby modified.”
WorldWinner.com, that is currently the largest skill gaming site, accepts residents of Florida but limits them from certain contests in which the prize pool is not fixed. Follow the link below to read more about WorldWinner:
WorldWinner Review
What about the lottery?
Florida DOES NOT sell tickets on line nor does it provide a subscription service. Of course, you could always try your luck at unauthorized lottery resellers that you may find online. I don’t recommend going that route though. It’s still illegal to sell lottery tickets on the internet in Florida so any site included in the business is completely unregulated and probably located overseas.
Nobody really understands how safe or legit foreign lottery resellers are. They claim to have a staff of representatives located around the globe whose job it would be to go around and buy lottery tickets on behalf of customers. The issue is there’s no way to confirm how it really works.
If you want to play the lottery, it is ideal to just go buy your tickets in person. You really don’t want to leave the fate of your $40 million dollar in the hands of a overseas, quasi-legal site. States do have the authority to sell tickets online, but Florida does not yet do that.
Sports Betting in Florida
Sports gambling is illegal for besides two exceptions: jai alai betting and cruise ships which sail to international waters to offer sports betting.
The exemption for jai alai betting dates back to some time in Florida through which jai alai was considerably larger than the vague sport it’s today. Jai alai arrived to Florida in the 1920s, and the nation became somewhat of an epicenter for jai alai players across the world because of warm weather yearlong and effortless accessibility from Spain and Latin America, where jai alai is popular.
Through its heyday, jai alai was even exempted from state and national sports betting prohibitions. Jai alai maintained a strong presence in Florida through the 1970s but entered a steady decline from the 1980s amid rising competition from professional sports teams, the lottery and South Florida casinos.
Nowadays, jai alai is a fairly niche sport and there are just a couple of active frontons in operation now. For the most part, jai alai survives now primarily because of Florida gaming laws that need card rooms to offer you some form of parimutuel wagering (such as jai alai, greyhound racing or horse racing betting). Therefore, most jai alai frontons exist chiefly to facilitate different forms of gambling.
The other”exclusion” to Florida’s sports gambling prohibition occurs on the cruise ships managed by Victory Casino Cruises. Victory Casino Cruise ships leave twice each day from Port Canaveral. These boats sail out into international waters, open a casino and sportsbook to get a few hours and then come back to beach later that same day.
As far as a widespread legalization of sport gambling, Florida does not appear likely to expand its gaming choices anytime soon. There have been no attempts to present sports gambling legislation and there have been no recent efforts to legalize sports gambling.
A report from Eilers & Krejcik Gambling listed the 32 states most likely to legalize sports betting within five years of a Supreme Court ruling overturning the federal prohibition of sports betting. Florida wasn’t included in that list, but it was contained in a supplemental collection of all 12 additional states inclined to legalize sports betting within seven decades of such a judgment.
Will Sports Betting Ever Be Legalized at Florida?
Apart from the exceptions detailed above, sports gambling remains illegal in Florida and that is not likely to change any time soon. Florida has a complex mixture of competing interests between lawmakers, Tribal issues as well as the Disney business that have their own opinions on the expansion of gambling.
The chances of Florida legalizing sports gambling any time soon took a further hit in 2018 when voters approved a ballot measure that essentially stripped the state legislature from authorizing any gaming expansion, such as sports gambling.
Previously, the state legislature might have possibly drafted a new law to make Florida sports betting legal. Under the new amendment, Florida taxpayers would need to initiate a campaign to gather signatures to put the issue to a statewide referendum. Subsequently, Republicans would have to approve that referendum by 60% to earn sports gambling legal. It’s possible, but not too likely at this moment.
Is it legal to bet online in Florida?
It depends on what your definition of”legal” is. A couple of kinds of internet betting are explicitly legal in Florida (horses, greyhounds, dream and ability ). It is clearly illegal to operate an online casino, card room or some other company that accepts wagers without the correct licensing.
What is not clear is whether or not it is a crime to place bets online at unlicensed gaming sites. The main text in Florida’s gambling laws reads as follows:
“849.08 Betting. Whoever plays or engages in any game , keno, roulette, faro or other game of chance, anytime, by any device whatever, to get money or other thing of value, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree…”
It appears fairly clear that this legislation makes it a misdemeanor crime to participate in obvious gambling games like slot machines, blackjack, craps and so forth. The part that says”by any device whatever” can be easily translated to incorporate the internet. On the other hand, the state hasn’t once prosecuted a single individual for the mere act of putting bets online. Hunting down people playing blackjack in their computers just is not a priority.
Online poker is a different issue. The above law doesn’t explicitly mention”poker” although it does mention”any game .” But — there’s always a however — that the phrase”other game of chance” appears to imply that only games of chance have been prohibited. If poker isn’t a game of chance, this legislation doesn’t apply.
It doesn’t end there, folks. You and that I may not consider poker a game of chance, but certain federal and state laws most definitely do specify poker as precisely that. Florida law does not specify games of chance nor does it mention poker and there is no case law to fall back on.
Someone would have to push the matter before we ever get Florida’s opinion on the situation of poker being skill or luck. This probably won’t happen any time soon because nobody is searching down poker players .
What the Future Holds for Internet Gambling at Florida
An increasing number of states are in the process of legalizing online casino and poker games following a federal judge ruled in 2011 the Wire Act of 1961 only applies to sports gambling. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have already legalized internet poker, casino games or even both. State legislators in Florida haven’t yet moved to alter anything. No legislation is pending at this moment.
It does not look like anything will probably be shifting in Florida any time soon either. The state is largely opposed to the expansion of online gambling. In April of 2014, Florida governor Rick Scott expressed his opposition to enlarging online betting at the federal level with a letter led to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.
In the years since, there haven’t been any real efforts to change Florida gambling laws. The current status quo looks quite likely to remain as it is for the near future.

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