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Extra innings is the expansion of a softball or baseball game in order to break a tie.
Ordinarily, a baseball game consists of nine innings (in softball and high school baseball games that there are normally seven innings; in Little League Baseball, six), each of which can be broken into halves: the visiting team bats first, after which the home team takes its turn at bat. However, if the score remains tied at the close of the regulation number of complete innings, the rules provide that”play shall continue until (1) the visiting team has scored more total runs than the home team in the end of a completed inning; or (2) the home team scores the winning run in an uncompleted inning.” (Since the home team bats second, condition (2) suggests that the visiting team will not have the opportunity to score more runs before the end of the inning).
The principles of this sport, including the batting order, availability of substitute players and pitchers, etc., remain undamaged in extra innings. Managers must display caution to prevent exhausting all their substitute players during regular innings, in the event the game reaches extensive extra innings. The principles call for a forfeiture if a team is unable to field a full team of nine players.

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