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Chiefs vs. Raiders NFL Pick – Week 2PCMAX

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The Kansas City Chiefs made it seem easy last week using a win over the Jaguars in Week 1. Trap spot to open the entire year? The Chiefs were having none of that, on which they do last season, since they carried. Last week didn’t come with all positives, though. The Chiefs will probably be for at least 4-6 weeks without wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s services.
That’s a weapon that is not going to be within the next few weeks or two this one on the field for the Chiefs. He couldn’t escape a shoulder injury, although he avoided getting suspended. This is. Patrick Mahomes but he likes to work around with the ball to numerous recipients. They will him, though it’s not likely to be the departure of their Chiefs’ offensively.
Mahomes obtained a new weapon at LeSean McCoy from the offseason. Hematches into this crime brilliantly and’s a whole lot more than simply a working back. Look for Mahomes to hook up with him from the passing game during the season. McCoy rushed for 81 yards on 10 carries in his first semester as a Chief. The winner in the Chiefs’ offense last week was Sammy Watkins. Watkins reeled for 3 touchdowns and 198 yards in 9 balls.
Watkins’ performance overshadowed everybody, but Travis Kelce needed a great day. Kelce had 3 big receptions for 88 yards for a mean of 29.3 yards per catch. Thus, don’t get swept into the absence of Tyreek Hill. Later in the season Hill would be missed from a team like the Patriots.
Can it matter at Oakland in Week 2 against the Raiders? After winning on Monday night I will say that the Raiders are likely to get a lot of confidence. Nevertheless they are getting ready on a week for the Chiefs. If that impacts them on Sunday 10, we are going to see. Head below for our free Chiefs vs. Raiders select.
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The Raiders finally stepped on the field and focused on soccer after enduring a lot of drama and rumors surrounding Antonio Brown. They made sure to make the most of it and opened the year with a 24-16 win over the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. It was a performance at home and now they will attempt to do it in the Oakland Coliseum against the Chiefs. I do think it was a performance, which they’re likely to have to do against the Chiefs this past week.
The Broncos played well enough to remain in the match against the Raiders and moved the ball. However, the Broncos failed to complete drives and had to settle for field goals all match. Brandon McManus attempted 4 field goals last week against the Raiders. Flacco had a receiver wide open and it was dropped. The Raiders should not expect the Chiefs to miss those opportunities.
Mahomes along with the Chiefs are one of the Very Best in the NFL at converted drives. The Chiefs finished 2nd in the league with a 73.8% conversion rate in the red zone. As a contrast, the independently transformed just 56.82% in 2018, so they shouldn’t expect the Chiefs to just lay down whenever they get close to scoring. Then that match would have been very interesting In the event the Broncos completed their opportunities. The Raiders’ defense must get some of the charge, but they’re going from among the most basic crimes to unique in under a week.
The Raiders are deprived to get ready for the Chiefs’ high-octane offensive attack. A great deal hurts. Perhaps if they didn’t have the Chiefs on faucet it might have been fine, but expect it to impact them sufficient to give a good benefit in that regard to KC.
The 1 thing here’s your travel program for the Chiefs. They had been in the west coast in Oakland along with Jacksonville a week this past week. Unlike the Colts, that have to do something similar, the Chiefs’ talent degree simplifies the Raiders. Yeah, I know, Tyrell Williams, but the secret will be with him today out of the bag.
The short week to get Oakland evens things . Everybody saw the Raiders play a week pretty well in primetime and that I see that inducing individuals to take the 7 points on the home team. People really like to overreact to what occurs in Week 1. Despite that performance, I am not too large on the Raiders. Observe a loss and probably they don’t keep Mahomes up here.

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